What to Expect When You’re Expecting a FHA Home Inspection

Congratulations! You’re diving into the world of home buying and selling. It’s a world of forms, numbers, and never-ending phone calls. But hopefully, it’s worth it in the end. Part of buying and selling a home is FHA home inspecters. If you are applying for an FHA Loan this inspection is very important! An FHA home inspector is basically looking for anything that might make the house unsafe to live in. Here are some things to expect and prep for when you are expecting an FHA Home Inspector.

Lead Paint

This is mostly for those who have an old home, from 1978 or prior. Lead paint is a big no-no. Homes are meant to be safe for people to live in. Lead paint poses serious health risks. If you have an old house you want to sell, get rid of the lead paint. Removing lead paint is a painstaking and careful process. If you aren’t already an experienced lead paint remover, professional service is highly suggested. Consider it a major upgrade to your home. Go the extra mile and repaint with environmentally friendly paints with VOC absorbing qualities.

They’ll Take Pictures!

Make sure your property is looking top-notch for this inspection. Think Mother-in-law is coming to visit levels of clean. Any damaged vents should be repaired. Lawns should be mowed. Exterior cleaned. Cracks sealed. Look up FHA guidelines for specifics. Inspectors need to be sure that your home is fit for living.

Nooks and Crannies Matter

An FHA home inspector isn’t just going to just look at the house at face value. Home inspection means HOME inspection. They will check the heating systems, water tanks, plumbing. Upgrade your home to tankless water heaters or electric heating systems. More home buyers are becoming environmentally conscious so making your house energy efficient with insulation, properly sealed doors and windows, and environmentally friendly decoration is only going to up the value of your home.

It’s Worth It In The Long Run

90% of homeowners agree that inspection is necessary. For 70% of them, the inspection helped them avoid future issues. In the long run, 64% of homeowners claim they saved money thanks to the home inspection. Can’t argue with numbers like that!

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