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Reduce Chemical Sensitivities With Low-VOC Paint From Painting a Porch to Painting Home Interiors

A growing number of people report that they have chemical sensitivities. One of these sensitivities is to volatile organic compounds, or VOCs. CBS Marketplace reported that when VOC levels are over 500 parts per billion, this can cause issues for individuals that experience issues. Furthermore, studies have revealed that indoor air often has organic levels that are two to five times higher than outdoors. This poor air quality can exacerbate several different health problems, such as asthma.

Flooring Treatment and Replacement

It’s important to note that when flooring is over a year old, it releases fewer VOCs. This is because many of these compounds will have dissipated over time. If someone is planning to install a new floor or paint their existing one, it’s important to choose organic materials. VOC-free paint is also recommended. This can potentially improve a home’s interior air quality and reduce the presence of VOCs and other chemicals that trigger sensitivities.

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