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Nothing Compares With the Richness and Warmth of Hardwood Flooring

Flooring destin

We bought our first house for $54,000. It had a one-car garage, a fuse box and no central air conditioning. Oh, and it had ugly brown carpet. Like many new homeowners of vintage homes, we were anxious to pull up that sad brown carpet to reveal the hardwood floors that undoubtedly lie underneath. We were part of the 47% of the population who say they prefer hardwood flooring in their home and the 90% who say they prefer hardwood or tile in the kitchen. When we pulled back the carpet in the tiny living room, it revealed . . . hardwood but in poor condition. We were devastated. But instead of crying over damaged flooring, we turned to replacing it with brand new hardwood flooring and we couldn’t be happier.
Instead of days spent with

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