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Is Your Home in Need of Professional Pest Control Services?

Bed bugs

The memory still drives you crazy. In fact, in addition to driving you crazy it also makes you itch, scratch, and stay awake at night.

The time that your teenage daughter brought bedbugs into your home after a school camping trip is difficult to forget. Actually, if it would’ve been true camping in a tent you likely would not have had the problem. Instead, this school adventure took place at a campsite with rooms full of bunkbeds. The lack of freezing weather yet that fall probably attributed to the fact that the room where your daughter, and nine other girls, stayed was indeed infested with bedbugs.

You did not, however, have any warning of the problem. So, when your daughter returned from the four day excursion you simply allowed her to bring her bags, bedding, and clothing inside. In hindsight, you wish

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